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Call for proposals: Project for research and development of MPMI -Bando 2

Project Name: Cloud Integrated Data Collection and Business Intelligence Platform


Period: 2017/2019

CUP: 7429.31052017.113000179

Amount financed: € 426.409,65


Within the program of Tuscany District linked to the 2014-2020 European funds for regional development, Powersoft has obtained a funding related to his project




for the development of a system able to analyze data and generate information throughout the life of products and to improve the customer's management of audio systems in the long run.

The system will have the focus on a constant and increasing satisfaction of the customers, giving them all the information necessary for the efficient and qualitative maintenance of the machine / product used in the long term./span>


The program that promotes business investments in innovation and research, allows Powersoft to develop links and synergies between companies, R&D centers, Universities, Districts and Technological Poles, and contribute to the realization of the European Union strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, themes that have always been central to Powersoft's work philosophy.





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